New fighting in Southern Sudan...
Sudan's regime and rebel forces have suspended negotiations amid renewed fighting in the southern part of the country. The fighting shatters a ceasefire arranged last year and which was to have been maintained until April. The hostilities were reported in the oil-rich region of the south near the Western Upper Nile. Western diplomatic sources said the heavy fighting was reported in Leer, which had been held by the Sudanese People's Liberation Army. After two days of fighting, which included aerial bombing, Sudan's military captured the town, the sources said. Both sides blamed the other for the renewed hostilities in the 20-year-old civil war. The SPLA said the Khartoum regime aims to retake rebel positions in the oil-producing region. The Sudanese military said the SPLA has launched a new advance.
If the SPLA was in Leer, and the gummint threw them out, then it would seem the gummint was the one to blame, wouldn't it?
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-01