Rangers take it out on the Mazaris
MULTAN, Jan 31: According to sources in the area, rangers raided the house of Wadera Ghulam Husain Mazari on Friday noon and took into custody his young son Basheer who was carrying an AK-47 rifle. Basheer reportedly produced his arms licence but to no avail. The rangers sent his and his three companions - Ata, Ameer Jan and Pir Bakhsh - to Shahwali police station. They were, however, released in the evening but under the condition not to carry even their licenced arms in public.
Damn. Now they won't be able to get dates.
Basheer Mazari accused the government of making them scapegoat after failing to check Bugti tribesmen. "The government wants us to fall prey to the Bugtis attack without any resistance," infuriated Basheer said.
"Them damn' Bugti varmints gets t'keep their shootin' arns! Why cain't we?"
Meanwhile, the police have failed to recover the officials allegedly kidnapped by Bugti tribesmen six days ago from Indus highway in the Rojhan police station area. Police sources said Wadera Sardar Khan Khirzani had been approached to mediate between police and the outlaws to secure the release of the officials. It is learnt that the kidnappers belonged to Lal-Chimu gang which has its headquarters in the hills of Dera Bugti, close to the Punjab-Balochistan border. Sources said it seemed that the officials' released could be secured only by paying ransom to the kidnappers. They said even last time the police had to pay ransom to get back the official vehicle of the Rajanpur police chief some two years ago.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-01