Bomb explosion in Karachi, one dead and two injured:
KARACHI, Feb 03: One person was killed and two injured in a blast which took place in the parking lot of Clifton Shopping Galleria behind PSO House at 11:30 a.m. Blast rocked the buildings and window panes of many of the nearby buildings were broken. The blast was caused by a bomb believed to be planted in a motorcycle. The explosion caused extensive damage to one side of the modern, glass structure of the PSO headquarters and blew out windows of nearby buildings."We cannot rule out foreign hand in the blast," Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sindh, Syed Kamal said while talking to reporters at the site of the blast.
Nor domestic hands, for that matter...
He said it would be premature to blame or suspect the Al- Qaeda for the blast. "It is a blast...that's all we know. We are investigating." Tariq Jameel, deputy inspector general of Karachi police, told Reuters. Police chief Asad Ashraf Malik said the motive for the bombing was unclear but he called it a terrorist strike. At least five motorcycles were also damaged in the explosion. One part of the damaged PSO building was smeared with the blood of the victim, who was thrown into it by the explosion, witnesses said. The blast caused panic as people ran for cover. Dozens of police and paramilitary officials rushed to the scene and cordoned off the area.
Modern glass buildings housing Gallerias are so secular and western, I'm surprised this is the first such booming.
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-03