New Zealanders accuse US of hiding WMD
Wellington, New Zealand, Agencies
Protesters tried to scale a fence surrounding the US Embassy in New Zealand during an anti-war rally Sunday, saying they wanted to check for weapons of mass destruction.
"Hey! Look what I found in the U.S. ambassador's underwear drawer!"
"Don't touch that, you fool! You'll kill us all!"

The protesters, carrying ladders and mock metal detectors, tried to scale a 6-foot iron gate in front of the Embassy compound in Wellington but were hauled down by police. Twenty-three demonstrators were arrested and several were charged with disorder, assault and resisting police, police Inspector Marty Grenfell said. About 250 people attended the rally.
None of them very bright...
Protest organizer John Sarvis said he was disappointed by the police reaction. "There might be rogue nations in the world, but there is only one rogue superpower," Sarvis said, referring to the United States.
Sarvis probably thinks that statement makes sense...
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-03