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Axis of Evil
'Millions could starve' in N Korea
A United Nations special envoy has warned that North Korea is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis and has called for tensions over the country's nuclear programme to be resolved. Maurice Strong, speaking after three days of talks in Pyongyang, warned that the country was on the brink of mass starvation. He said up to eight million people were in a "life or death" situation. "You cannot make the children, the ill people, the old people victims of a political crisis with which they have had nothing to do," he said.
Okay, now lemme get this straight: NKor has totally hosed its economy, they're jumping up and down and making faces and threatening to destroy the world. What food they have goes to feed the army, and we're supposed to pick up the slack. What's wrong with this picture?

Surely, for the sake of The Children™, the Ill People™, and the Old People™, the entire North Korean leadership should admit that they've made terrible mistakes and resign or commit seppukku. When you pursue a policy of juche, you have no one to blame but yourself if it doesn't work.
Posted by:Fred Pruitt

#3  As I recall, people are starving by the droves in Zimbabwe as we speak. Millions face a slow, agonizing death by starvation as Mugabe intentionally crippled the agricultural sector and diverted food aid to his supporters.

I patiently await the UN's fierce condemnation of using food as a weapon, a war crime according to the Geneva Convention.

...Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? [crickets chirping]
Posted by: Tripartite   2003-01-18 18:13:43  

#2  Sadly, but predictably, the network media don't seem to remember that the reason so many people didn't starve in Afganland is that we bombed them out of the stone age.
Posted by: mhw   2003-01-18 17:43:46  

#1  But Fred, Don't you realize that everything that's bad in the world is a result of our imperialistic ways? Ya know it's gotta be true. I heard Mike Farrell say that.
Posted by: Denny   2003-01-18 15:46:25