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Terror Networks
Officials Destroy Tapes and CD’s in Pakistani Province
Officials in a deeply conservative Pakistani province destroyed audio and video tapes and compact discs today as part of a campaign to wipe out material the authorities deem obscene.
I guess it is hard to have a book burning when the only books you have are copies of the Quran
In front of a crowd of more than 1,000 people, officials doused gasoline on the materials piled up in a bazaar in Peshawar. The police chief, Tanveer ul-Haq Sipra, then set the pile on fire.
I guess it's the only entertainment they have left, at least until they start cutting hands off and pushing walls onto people
"We are determined to fulfill our promises about Islamization and cleaning up society," said Maulana Haji Ihsan ul-Haq, general-secretary of the Muthida Majlis-e-Amal, or United Action Forum. The organization, an alliance of six religious parties, came to power in North West Frontier Province in elections held in October with promises to put Islamic law, or Sharia, into effect.
They asked for it, and now they really are going to get it
They also condemned the presence of American troops on Pakistani soil, and voiced support for the ousted hard-line Taliban government of neighboring Afghanistan.
Why not? They are effectively one and the same
The burned material included English-language, Indian and Pashtun films, as well as pornographic films and films of Turkish dancing.
Much more dangerous than brainwashing children and giving them AK-47s and a quick trip to paradise
Posted by:Paul

#1  Assuming we can keep Afghanistan from falling to pieces again despite the best efforts of the fundos, we're actually done with Pakland except for Qaeda hunting. They may, remote possibility, have Khalid in custody. Binny, I think, is dead. That leaves Ayman. Everybody else in al-Qaeda is a nonentity and the war on terror becomes a matter of trying to clean up all the pickup teams and successor organizations, and chasing down middle managers. With the money men out of the picture there's nothing left but the existing inventory of death and destruction.

The Pak fundos are influenced and in large part funded by the Soddies. The place is a hotbed of lunacy, but they spend their time when they're not killing people gazing in adoration toward Mecca - actually toward Riyadh. Assuming we can take control of Iraq, and from there cause the House of Sod to collapse, Pakland becomes a backwater. A policy of containment and isolation will cause it to decompose. I'm sure India would be happy to take part in that policy, and it would probably cause chuckles of satisfaction in a resurgent Kabul as well.
Posted by: Fred   2003-01-18 23:29:46