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Axis of Evil
Hold on to your hats, sez NSA
The Bush administration is preparing to release supersensitive electronic intercepts obtained by the National Security Agency that officials say prove that Iraq has repeatedly lied to United Nations inspectors, plotted among themselves about how to conceal weapons material and even appeared to boast afterward at their success in doing so, NEWSWEEK has learned.

I hope to hell that they're going to move within hours of this kind of release. Doing otherwise will allow the Iraqis time to figure how to turn off the spigot...

THE DECISION TO allow Secretary of State Colin Powell to use the electronic intercepts in his speech next Wednesday to the U.N. was described by U.S. intelligence officials as extraordinary.

You might call it that. Under any other circumstances it'd be better to call it "stupid." The amount of damage that will result is going to be awful for our intelligence collection capability. Iraq's not the only country in that part of the world.

Electronic intercepts by the NSA are considered the most jealously guarded of all U.S. intelligence secrets and government officials are normally loath to even refer to their existence for fear of tipping off targets and drying up invaluable sources of information. But in this case, officials said, the intercepts are so damning and dramatic that officials say their release outweighs the potential harm—especially given the increased likelihood that the United States will shortly be launching an invasion of Iraq anyway. “Hold onto your hat. We’ve got it,” said one U.S. intelligence official familiar with the evidence gathered by the NSA.

It'll probably be very dramatic. The Iraqis will, of course, deny everything, and their fellow-travellers will hop on board that approach. The Frenchies and Fritzies won't be able to do that, though. Both have intel services who know the capabilities of the system...

For the past two months, ever since the U.N. inspectors re-entered Iraq and began searching for weapons of mass destruction, the NSA has been closely monitoring the conversations of Iraqi officials. The NSA intercepts establish conclusively that the Iraqis have been “hiding stuff” from the inspectors, the U.S. intelligence official said. “They’re saying things like, ‘Move that,’ ‘Don’t be reporting that’ and ‘Ha! Can you believe they missed that’,” the official said. “It’s that kind of stuff.”

Just like in bad novels, the Bad Guys can't control their impulses to gloat...
Posted by:Anonymous

#4  "Turn the other cheek - once." That sounds pretty fair...
Posted by: Fred   2003-02-02 09:00:14  

#3  Alaska Paul: what irks me is how many people all over the world refuse to stand up to evil. I wasn't around during WWII, but were there so many nay-saying dictator-appeasing apologists back then? I consider myself a pacifist, and would prefer to turn the other cheak, but not if I have to turn it 5 times. I believe in peace, but not peace at all costs.
Posted by: Rw   2003-02-01 18:15:08  

#2  Like all great battles, there is always a buildup. That buildup will be logistics, covert operations, propaganda, political manoevering, anything in the arena. That happens on both sides. We are starting the big move on Islamofascism; Afghanistan was a warmup. Our enemies in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi, Pak, NK know that this is the big one. The outcome of this Iraq battle will determine how the world will be in the future. It is the big banana. Everything will be done by our enemies to derail our effort, including use of wavering "allies". This is all part of the war. There is just a ton of info on the Net, of which some is the truth. Most is chaff. I will say that I believe that the President will stick this through and keep on his plan, and will be able to take the tremendous heat that is being heaped upon him by enemies without and within. I believe that this great country is being tested to the core, and I believe that it will prevail. Man, this is almost biblical in proportion! Maybe it is. Be strong everyone.
Posted by: Alaska Paul   2003-02-01 12:24:34  

#1  Six more damn weeks of the Iraquis making fools of the inspectors.
Posted by: Ptah   2003-02-01 09:02:17