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UK forces chief ’was terror target’
Italian police are investigating claims that terror suspects may have been targeting Britain's most senior military official.
A la Ahmed Shah Massood
A newspaper photograph of Britain's Chief of Defence staff, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, circled in red was reportedly discovered along with explosives during a raid in the southern city of Naples. It is understood Sir Michael is due to visit Nato's southern headquarters in the city later this month.

Italian police arrested 28 Pakistani terror suspects in a flat in Naples on Friday. The men were charged with association with international terrorism, illegal possession of explosive material and falsification of documents.

The men aged between 20 and 48 were found with enough explosives to blow up a three-storey building and with 100 mobile phones in a routine check for illegal immigrants, officials said.

A spokesman at Naples police headquarters said: "We are treating very seriously the discovery of a newspaper with a ringed photograph of Sir Michael Boyce."

A Ministry of Defence spokesman could not confirm the threat but said: "In his position, Sir Michael knows he must be a possible target for terrorists. "I am sure any relevant information would be assessed by his security advisers who would decide whether any changes in arrangements are necessary."
Posted by:Paul