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Home Front: WoT
Attack on NM paper for publishing 2 of the cartoons
GALLUP — Someone shattered The Independent's glass entrance doors late Wednesday. At about 10 p.m., an unknown individual threw a pair of fist-sized rocks at the doors, which caused the glass to shatter but not break. The rocks were covered in black marker with the phrases "public apology or else?" "think twice" and "repent, condemn or else?"

The vandalism occurred the same day of the newspaper's publication of two cartoons that portray the prophet Mohammed. The cartoons' initial publication in a midsize Danish newspaper fueled protests that have spread worldwide. The cartoons have since been published in at least a dozen newspapers.

However, no evidence has been recovered proving the incident was in retaliation for the publication of the cartoons or was done by a member of the local Arab community.
probably the Navahos again. yeah, that's it, must be from the rez. Or maybe it was immigrant Lutherans? maybe even the zen buddhists from Colorado, come down to stir up trouble.
Lapplanders. They range near and far. Never can tell when you're going to be confronted by a Lapplander.
Still, Independent Publisher Bob Zollinger said "This company is not going to be intimidated by any individual or group." By mid-morning Thursday, the two panes of safety glass were replaced.

Two Gallup Independent employees were at the newspaper at the time of the incident. One of the employees called Gallup police, who gathered evidence from the newspaper's entryway and documented the incident through a police report. No arrests have been made in connection with the vandalism. Police have increased their patrol of the area.
Posted by:lotp

#6  Remember the JDAM-guided concrete bombs?

I think the local mosque should receive one.
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2006-02-18 14:44  

#5  Gallup's not a very big town.

Think anyone down there has a lead on the culprit(s)?
Posted by: Bomb-a-rama   2006-02-18 14:27  

#4  They should show two more. And say quit throwing stones, or else, you'll see the rest of them, including the three that were never shown in the Danish papers.
Posted by: plainslow   2006-02-18 13:08  

#3  A suspect
Posted by: Whutch Threth6418   2006-02-18 11:16  

#2  Jihad comes to the land of enchantment.
Posted by: gromgoru   2006-02-18 10:21  

#1  If they arrest someone for this, will they just be charged with vandalism, or will they be charged with a "hate crime"?
Posted by: Anonymoose   2006-02-18 10:07