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Terror Networks
I won't be caught alive: Bin Laden
Posted by:Besoeker

#20  I can't figure out why anyone, except those who analyze the tapes looking for clues to their location so we can kill 'em, gives a shit.
Posted by: .com   2006-02-20 22:09  

#19  Two words: 'Moussaoui trial'. My preference - a short film: Bin Laden vs. Predator.
Posted by: DMFD   2006-02-20 22:06  

#18  Vlad Tepes would be proud.

Posted by: doc   2006-02-20 20:37  

#17  Public impaling in front of the White House sound real good
Posted by: djohn66   2006-02-20 18:18  

#16  Come and get me copper...

UBL has nothing to offer if he is mistaken taken alive. Kill him, then try him if you must.

This is war, not police enforcement.
Posted by: Captain America   2006-02-20 18:14  

#15  I could be satisfied with a video of him being dragged out of his spider hole after the grenade goes off. We don't need any more Saddam-type trial theater.
Posted by: Darrell   2006-02-20 17:31  

#14  If we are able to capture bin Laden, we are obliged to ourselves to try him according to American legal or military jurisprudence. It would be best for these proceedings to be transparent (save for sensitive issues of national security), and his execution to be recorded for general distribution.

A clear message must be sent to our enemies that attacking America dramatically foreshortens your lifespan. No amount of diligence should be spared in ensuring that perpetrators of such attacks are apprehended and executed for their crimes.
Posted by: Zenster   2006-02-20 17:27  

#13  Sorry Zenster, UBL isn't worth a penny of tax payers money 'to try'. I hope he detonates himself (if he can beat out a late night cruise missile) or swallow that cynanide capsule he purportedly carries in the roof of his mouth. His soul goes to GOD, but his ass belongs to Bush!!
Posted by: smn   2006-02-20 17:19  

#12  Find him, milk him for information like the last cow on the farm, publically try him and execute him upon a finding of guilt. Distribute video records of the trial and execution throughout all Islamic countries.
Posted by: Zenster   2006-02-20 16:38  

#11  #8 "break his spirit"
Shave his lousy beard first as the very first preliminary humiliation. Save on the lice check.
Posted by: Duh!   2006-02-20 16:18  

#10  Give him a sex-change operation followed by a white wedding to Guy the Gorilla.
Posted by: Apostate   2006-02-20 15:16  

#9  Looks like OBL is getting outside help

Posted by: Yosemite Sam   2006-02-20 15:03  

#8  Ideal scenario is we take him alive; suck his brain dry of information and break his spirit by various and divers means falling under the rubric of "stress interrogation," then string him up in a pig-leather noose. Of course, a "leaked" video of the execution surfaces shortly thereafter, in which Osama is heard to profanely curse Allah for forsaking him a moment before the trap door opens.
Posted by: Mike   2006-02-20 14:56  

#7  All this doesn't matter, By US Presidential Decree, he's wanted Dead OR Alive; UBL's destiny is written and the silver platter is still there! The only thing UBL has to think about is whether his trigger is quicker than the US's!
Posted by: smn   2006-02-20 14:46  

#6  Suits me fine. Who ever said that was our aim anyway?
Posted by: bigjim-ky   2006-02-20 14:46  

#5  I just feel sorry for the Army medic who's going to have to check him for lice.
Posted by: Matt   2006-02-20 14:37  

#4  Sounds like he's had a premonition that the end is near.

In any case he should be denied his narcissistic dream of 'martyrdom' as far as is feasible. Death on the quick is far too convenient.
Posted by: Duh!   2006-02-20 14:36  

#3  Works for me! Ditto on the Saddam Comment.
Posted by: Cyber Sarge   2006-02-20 14:22  

#2  Funny, Saddam claimed the same thing. Of course, I think Bin Laden peaked at 3000 degrees and is now food for worms.
Posted by: Silentbrick   2006-02-20 14:21  

#1  hokay!
Posted by: Frank G   2006-02-20 14:17