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DEBKA claim: 7 of 23 Yemeni al-Q tunnelers are captured
Advance disclosure: Seven of 23 convicted al Qaeda terrorists who tunneled their way out of Yemen prison are captured They include Jamal Badawi, mastermind of the Oct. 12 2000 bombing attack on the USS Cole in which 17 US sailors perished. When a Yemeni force picked the escapees up in desolate Hadhramauth, ancestral homeland of their master, Osama bin Laden, it came upon a new 14-man al Qaeda network, geared ready in bomb vests for attacks on Western targets in Yemen.

Posted by:lotp

#6  Alaska Paul, I'm gladder and gladder that Mr. Wife didn't take that assignment in Yemen. I tend not to notice bad people, so I probably would have done even worse there than your usual nice Jewish girl, daughter of a minor Israeli war hero would've done. Which would have annoyed the bodyguards no end, even if I did give them tea, after. ;-)
Posted by: trailing wife   2006-02-23 21:48  

#5  I have a friend that is married to a Yemeni and lives there. Very successful business couple. Nice kids. 4 story house, big wall around the whole compound, bodyguards. The whole 9 yards. Power is spotty, water and sewer not reliable. With enough money, they buy and supply what they cannot get from municipal govt, which is everything. They do quite well, but always have to watch their collective sixes.
Posted by: Al-Aska Paul   2006-02-23 16:12  


Quarantine! Nothing enters, nothing leaves! We could make a movie. Escape from Yemen.

Is Omar Sharif available?

Posted by: Vinkat Bala Subrumanian   2006-02-23 14:05  

#3  I don't think we can build a prison that big - guess we better just put a no-pass zone around the whole country and call it a prison.
Posted by: Glenmore   2006-02-23 12:35  

"What IS the population of Yemen, anyway?"

20,727,063 (July 2005 est.)

For answers to these types of question, you can try searching HERE!

Search for a man, provide knowledge for a moment. Teach a man to search, provide knowledge for a lifetime! Or something like that.


Posted by: Vinkat Bala Subrumanian   2006-02-23 12:18  

#1  Need to catch a lot more than 23 - don't forget the ones who tunneled from the mosque IN, and the guards and officials who helped &/or stood aside. What IS the population of Yemen, anyway?
Posted by: Glenmore   2006-02-23 07:23