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Rocket attack damages goods train in Balochistan
A fireman was injured and a railway engine damaged on Saturday when unidentified people attacked a goods train in the Naushki area of Balochistan, district administration and railway officials said. The train was on its way to Quetta from Taftan, located near the Iranian border. Bahadur Mengal, the Naushki district nazim, said that unidentified people fired three rockets at the train and later opened fire with Klashinkovs. Police and paramilitary forces were making efforts to arrest the culprits.
Posted by:Fred

#3  Redneck Jim, I have the impression they don't want anything to come through from the outside. If they can discourage innocuous freight trains, the really bad stuff from the modern world won't even try. (And I use the word modern here advisedly.)
Posted by: trailing wife   2006-03-05 12:59  

#2  Balochis are attacking any economic transit across their territory from which they don't benefit: rail, oil / gas pipelines, trucks.
Posted by: lotp   2006-03-05 12:57  

#1  I must be missing something here.
It seems a waste of munitions to shoot at a freight train.
Possibly practice for shooting at a troop or passenger train?
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2006-03-05 10:04