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IDF special forces operating inside Iran?
Israeli special forces are working in Iran to locate the precise sites at which Iran continues to enrich uranium, a British newspaper reported Sunday. According to the Sunday Times article, the Israeli team is based in northern Iraq and has the support of the United States.
Linked up with the Kurds, did they? That would make sense, the Israelis and the Kurds have always gotten along ...
The Israeli security establishment has taken steps to assure that Israel can defend itself against an Iranian attacks. On Thursday, a senior IDF officer told The Jerusalem Post Israel's Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system is capable of intercepting and destroying any Iranian missiles, even were they to carry nuclear warheads.

While Iran is Israel's most serious strategic and existential threat, the country, he said confidently, was sufficiently protected by the Arrow, which plays a major role in maintaining Israel's protective envelope. "We will shoot all of [Iran's missiles] down," he told the Post. "The Arrow knows how to intercept the Shihab missile."

Just last year that wasn't the case. Appearing before the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Brig.-Gen. Ilan Bitton - head of Israel's Air Defense Forces - said that, while the Arrow was highly effective against the Scud missiles that make up most of Syria's arsenal, it "needed improvement" to face the challenges posed by Iran's Shihab-3.

Improvements were recently made to the Arrow, the officer said, explaining the new confidence, and it was now able to detect even a missile carrying a split warhead and armed with decoys meant to fool the anti-missile system.

Asked about the danger of the Arrow taking out a non-conventional or nuclear missile over Israel, the officer said that the incoming missile would be destroyed at such a high altitude that it would disperse and destroy its payload without causing any casualties. "There is constant pressure to always stay a step ahead of our adversaries," the officer said. "They developed decoys on their missiles and we developed ways to detect the decoys and to be able to accurately strike the incoming threat."
Posted by:Dan Darling

#14  they've been there a looong time. This is nothing new.
Posted by: Frank G   2006-03-05 13:30  

#13  For all of us who had to know what zob means..
Posted by: BrerRabbit   2006-03-05 11:58  

#12  5089
Posted by: Jules   2006-03-05 11:49  

#11  I won't tell what "zob" means in french (actually, I think it may comes from the arabic "zib", not sure)...
Posted by: anonymous5089   2006-03-05 11:24  

#10  Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa or (ZOB) they never went away, they are EVERYWHERE!
Posted by: Visitor   2006-03-05 10:50  

#9  "...a British newspaper reported...reportedly decided...The Washington Post reported...diplomats said...with potential for...a senior IDF officer told...the officer said...the officer said..."

Hoakie Doakie then.
Posted by: DepotGuy   2006-03-05 10:41  

#8  I'm heartened by all the unprecedented cooperation on the WoT,with even the French pitching in lately. With IDF in Iran and American ultimatums, plus the new Zawahiri tape, must mean they are wounded beasts. Zarqawi may have even left Iraq, especially if IDF is in the north. This ought to really enrage them and force some movement toward Bin Laden's "Final Battle". Zawahiri's tape threatening multiple targets on the West and the Muslims cooperating with them made Rome, NY, Israel, and Dubai come to mind, besides the ports and energy supplies. I'm on the edge of my seat; if only it were all a game and not a deadly reality.
Posted by: Danielle   2006-03-05 09:54  

#7  The Boogie Man is under the bed. Go take a look. LOL!
Posted by: 2b   2006-03-05 08:56  

#6  Prior to the start of the air war in Gulf War I, it was estimated that various involved parties had infiltrated over 30,000 personnel into Iraq and Kuwait.

Just saying.
Posted by: Anonymoose   2006-03-05 08:54  

#5  interestingly IDF could also stand for Iran Defense FOrces
Posted by: mhw   2006-03-05 08:51  

#4  Even if they are not there. Tell them they are. They'll arrest a bunch of wrong people, pissing off more people.
Posted by: plainslow   2006-03-05 08:43  

#3  The Mullahs barely govern Azeri and Kurd areas. In Teheran, there are many more anti-regime students and workers, than are there Basijis and compliant security forces. Deflate Ahmadork's arrogance and his regime will crumble. And there are no Shiite refugee states outside of Iran.

But...if Hizbollah targets Israel's nuclear and power plant apparatus, that means WW3. The containment policy is not written in stone.
Posted by: Listen To Dogs   2006-03-05 06:06  

#2  Quack, quack, quack.
Posted by: gromgoru   2006-03-05 05:39  

#1  No one has the technology to intercept and destroy all Iranian missiles.

What they probably can do is knock done some! Its a good start but we have a long way to go yet.

The best and only solution is to stop them being built.

Posted by: Bernardz   2006-03-05 05:02