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Investigators wait for Bangla Bhai's recovery
Interrogation into the militant network and activities is awaiting recovery of Bangla Bhai, who is now undergoing treatment at Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) hospital amidst tight security. He was learnt yesterday to be recovering and out of danger.
Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) men are guarding the cabin round the clock, often keeping it under lock and key, sources said. Masud, bodyguard of Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai, yesterday told interrogators that he arranged the Muktagachha house for Bangla Bhai who went there on Friday night after the arrest of Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) chief Abdur Rahman in Sylhet.
I'm guessing Masud is just Bangla Babu.
Meanwhile, hearing the news of Bangla Bhai's arrest, the JMB chief told the law enforcers that an Islamic revolution in Bangladesh is certain even though he and Bangla Bhai were arrested.
Probably even more competently-led, in fact...
Sources said Bangla Bhai used to frequent Muktagachha over the last year, training his men at different mosques and sugarcane fields in the area. Locals were not allowed to come near the place of training, a local said.
Y'might want to think seriously about shutting down those particular mosques...
Bangla Bhai also had a training camp at Ghoradhap in Jamalpur, 5 km off Muktagachha. Locals of Muktagachha said they thought Bangla Bhai was a pir (a religious leader) busy working on Hadith. Law enforcers, meantime, said the youth who fled during Muktagachha operation used to provide Bangla Bhai with food.
Another small fry...
Sources in the BDR hospital said Bangla Bhai is now taking food and talking although in a very low voice. "But his condition is stable and danger free," a source said. Doctors expected him to regain full consciousness by Tuesday night. Bangla Bhai was kept in cabin No. 1 of the intensive care unit after doctors on Monday conducted several operations on his body for burn and splinter injuries in the face, hands and other parts.
Posted by:Fred

#6  Lol! What a visual!

And the graphic is excellent, too!
Posted by: Flomoting Ebbeanter8112   2006-03-08 23:32  

#5  Probably even more competently-led, in fact...

What's the best way to clean Pepsi and snot off of a computer keyboard?
Posted by: ryuge   2006-03-08 18:04  

#4  That's pretty optimistic, saying that someone in the RAB's hands is "danger free".
Posted by: Grunter   2006-03-08 13:41  

#3  tu, lol! Bhai, Bhai Bangla. Or should it be bang, bang, bangla?
Posted by: 2b   2006-03-08 09:39  

#2  I'm seeing a 3AM RAB shutter gun raid in Bangla's future...
Posted by: tu3031   2006-03-08 09:13  

#1  "There's nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won't cure."
-Jack E. Leonard
We can hope for a relapse after the remand....
Posted by: Inspector Clueso   2006-03-08 00:38