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Afghanistan says Pakistan dishonest for calling terror data outdated
A dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan over intelligence in the war on terror worsened yesterday, with Kabul saying it has provided "very strong and accurate" information on Taliban and al Qaeda fugitives, which Islamabad has dismissed as outdated.

The war of words reflects increasing bitterness between these two key U.S. allies as militant violence escalates on both sides and Islamabad proposed fencing or mining the rugged frontier.

A spokesman for President Hamid Karzai, Karim Rahimi, said that Kabul will present Islamabad with further intelligence about the militants' suspected whereabouts inside Pakistan and that it was "hopeful that measures will be taken."

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khursheed Kasuri said, "We will definitely investigate," but he reiterated Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's assertion that the intelligence has been "out of date."

During a visit to Islamabad last month, Mr. Karzai gave a list to Gen. Musharraf of Taliban and al Qaeda fugitives who he said were hiding in Pakistan.

Afghan and Pakistani officials said that the list included Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar and top associates, and that Afghanistan also shared the locations of suspected terrorist training camps.

"Afghanistan provided very strong and accurate intelligence," Mr. Rahimi told reporters in response to Gen. Musharraf's assertion in an interview Sunday on CNN that the information was old.

Pakistan has accused Afghanistan of leaking the list to the press because Kabul did not trust Islamabad to act on it.

"I'll make a suggestion to our Afghan brothers: 'Don't talk to us through the media. It doesn't help,'" Mr. Kasuri said in Islamabad.

He said the two nations instead should use diplomatic and intelligence channels.

"When President Karzai was here, he said, 'Pakistan and Afghanistan are like twins,'" Mr. Kasuri said. "The twins should not kick each other."

One of the key disputes between the neighbors involves the flow of militants across the nations' 1,470-mile-long border.

Afghanistan has long demanded that Pakistan do more to crack down on militants based on its side. Islamabad repeatedly has said it's doing all it can, pointing to the 80,000 Pakistani troops in the region.

Mr. Kasuri reiterated a Pakistani proposal that the entire border be fenced or mined to stop the infiltration of militants into either country.

But Afghanistan says that it is not feasible to fence the frontier, which cuts its way through rugged mountains and across a desert, and that mining the area would split families that live on both sides of the unmarked border.
Posted by:Dan Darling

#10  Musharraf the Zit, lol! I like it.
Posted by: Flomoting Ebbeanter8112   2006-03-08 23:25  

#9  It would take between six and ten divisions and about two months to crush the Pakistani armed forces. It would take another two years of napalming the he$$ out of "Pustunistan" - the area along the Pak-Afghan border - to clear out that cesspool. We could supply perhaps two of those divisions, ask the Aussies for a third, and let India supply another six. Start with a heavy raid on Pakistan's nuke weapons storage areas, the government, airfields and madrasses. After that, it's just killing the swarming ants.
Posted by: Old Patriot   2006-03-08 23:02  

#8  Afghanistan says Pakistan dishonest for calling terror data outdated

The Perv Challenge

PBS proudly presents President Pervez Musharraf hiking along the 400 km Peshawer to Quetta trail.

Armed only with Beeb, al Rut, and PBS Video units you get to investigate the friendly collection of foreign and native jehadis as you hike along with Perv from the rocky mountain passes of Tora Bora to the gamey goat herds of Spin Boldak.

IOW: Walk it Perv, talk is cheap.

Posted by: RD   2006-03-08 11:59  

#7  It appears that Afghanistan has embraced the curriculum of the John Bolton school of diplomacy. Taiwan too. Double their aid.

Anybody up for taking Fred's photo and putting some ribbons and sprockets on the slapee?
Posted by: Darrell   2006-03-08 09:39  

#6  Who could be so naive as to believe that the devilish ISI network is unaware of the whereabouts of Usamah bin-Ladin and Mullah Omar, who may be enjoying ISI sanctuary somewhere.
Yep - and probly in downtown Karachi in an ISI penthouse suite. Begs the question if three months is out of date then do they have new intelligence? Is this being actioned? is this what the scrap in Waziristan is about??
Posted by: Howard UK   2006-03-08 08:17  

#5  The US cannot tolerate this cancerous tumour between two of its friends, Afghanistan and India,

Radiation treatment, stat.

Posted by: House   2006-03-08 07:12  

#4  There's some serious bitch-slappin' goin' on in there, john, lol. And it couldn't happen to a more deservin' duplicitous asshole, either, though many make apologies for his limp-dicked half-assed picayune "assistance" after being lavished with honor and trust and arms and cash prizes. Why, when you take a good hard look and toss off the State Dept styled notion of accommodation and convenience, hell - he's not really running much of anything. Got the sash, got some schprockets, and plenty of gall - but not much else. I'm thinking he's not worthy to negotiate or associate with folks who actually keep their word and do the Right Thing.

"The US cannot tolerate this cancerous tumour between two of its friends, Afghanistan and India, with its hypocritical policies any more because it is the American troops who are killed by suicide attacks and explosions every day. The attackers are mobilized, funded and sent to Afghanistan by Pakistan."

Sounds kinda like ol' Pervy's been called a big ol' pus-filled renegade parasitic zit, to me.


Thx for the posts, heh. ;-)
Posted by: .com   2006-03-08 06:15  

#3  Afghan paper sees Pakistan as "cancerous tumour" between India, Afghanistan

Excerpt from editorial titled "Pakistan's policies create obstacles to democracy in the region" published by Afghan state-run newspaper Anis on 5 March

President George Bush, who is on a visit to the region and whose visit is considered to be most valuable according to analysts and political experts, has arrived in Pakistan after holding talks with the Afghan and Indian leadership.

Pakistan is the place which is thought of as the symbol of evildoing and interference in Afghanistan and India. Many people are looking to President Bush to make Pakistan aware so that it stops disrupting security in the neighbouring countries. [passage omitted, historic facts]

As situation in the region changed, especially after 11 September, relations between the US and India improved day by day and US troops were deployed in Afghanistan to uproot terrorism in the country.

Pakistan found itself in a very dangerous position with the new situation and had no option but to join the antiterrorism campaign. But it still continued its conspiracies, hypocritical policies and evildoings.

President of the US, George Bush, who visited Afghanistan first and announced his full support and continued assistance to the country, said that he would ask Musharraf to prevent terrorists from crossing over to Afghanistan. He also officially admitted that Pakistan interferes in domestic affairs of Afghanistan and, indeed, described the denials of President Musharraf to be lies and hypocrisy. This is most crucial for Afghanistan .

The visit of the American president to India and the agreement on nuclear project with India indicate the close relation between the US and with India, which in itself overshadows Pakistan's position and its relations with the US.

Now that Bush is in Pakistan and holding talks with the Pakistani leadership, the Afghan and Indian nations look to President Bush to explain to Pakistan that it should not threaten the greatest democracy in the world and the newly established Afghanistan with the Taleban and Al- Qa'idah criminals.

Much pressure is put on Pakistan during this visit and it should stop the hypocritical policies and either support democracy or terrorism.

The US cannot tolerate this cancerous tumour between two of its friends, Afghanistan and India, with its hypocritical policies any more because it is the American troops who are killed by suicide attacks and explosions every day. The attackers are mobilized, funded and sent to Afghanistan by Pakistan.

It is the Afghan and American troops who are killed as a result of conspiracies planned by Pakistan. The US should warn this centre of violence that it should not drive its neighbourhood into instability. If Pakistan does not give up its policies and continues to support terrorism it will not only pose a threat to the democratic movement in the region but will also create insecurity in the Western world and they will never be prosperous.

Source: Anis, Kabul, in Dari 5 Mar 06
Posted by: john   2006-03-08 05:50  

#2  Text of report by Afghan state radio on 6 March

The military ruler of Pakistan, Gen Pervez Musharraf, has voiced unjustified and baseless criticism of the president of Afghanistan [Hamed Karzai] with the intention of escaping international pressure and covering up his lack of cooperation in the war on terrorism.

This criticism of an elected president was made using the sort of language that even a taxi driver in Islambad would feel ashamed of using.

According to Bakhtar Information Agency, Gen Pervez Musharraf said in a recent CNN interview that the president of Afghanistan was oblivious to what is happening in his own country. Let us judge in view of the situation in Baluchistan, where the Pakistani army has failed to stop a civil conflict, to what extent Gen Musharraf is aware of what is going on in his own country.

Musharraf said that the information President Hamed Karzai gave last month regarding the whereabouts of Mullah Omar and his companions was three months old and contained nothing useful.

Who could be so naive as to believe that the devilish ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] network is unaware of the whereabouts of Usamah bin-Ladin and Mullah Omar, who may be enjoying ISI sanctuary somewhere.

Musharraf asserted that Afghanistan's Ministry of Defence and intelligence services are conspiring to denigrate Pakistan. He rejected claims that his country is not cooperating with Afghanistan in fighting Al-Qa'idah and the Taleban.

Pakistan's conspiracies against Afghanistan are deep-rooted. Pakistan formed seven political parties in a seditious manner to divide the nation during jihad against the former Soviet Union.

Pervez Musharraf also criticized Hamed Karzai for disclosing intelligence information to the media, and questioned why this information was not given to Pakistan in a timely fashion. He also asked if that is how a country's intelligence service should operate.

An apt question! Afghanistan had given credible information to Pakistan. It is the Pakistani army which usually plays childish tricks to steer attention away from the real issue of fighting terrorists to secondary issues.

Gen Musharraf's irresponsible comments come at a time when there is increasing international pressure on him to fight terrorists. At his meeting with Gen Musharraf, President Bush expressed his strong resolve to eliminate Al-Qa'idah and emphasized that Pakistan could play an effective role in this regard.

Pervez Musharraf's remarks were contradictory. He said that the information Afghanistan gave about Mullah Omar was three months old. In other words, he accepts that Mullah Omar was in Pakistan three months ago, but then he denies that Al-Qa'idah and the Taleban are operating from Pakistani territory.

He criticized Hamed Karzai for disclosing information to media. If he says there was nothing of substance in the information, why is he so concerned about this information being publicized and why does it make him say silly things?

Source: Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, in Pashto 1430 gmt 6 Mar 06

Posted by: john   2006-03-08 05:45  

#1  The ISI's ends are not served by such a reasonable solutions. A functional government in Afghanistan would put Pakistan's sham "demoracy" to shame. So it is not in Pakistan's interests for Afghanistan to be at peace or stable.

Tell those familes to decide which side of the border they are going ot live on and that is that. Put up the fence and instal the mines. (The same goes for the Mexican border here.)
Posted by: SPoD   2006-03-08 02:41