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Shin Beit rounds up a Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades gang
DEBKAfile Exclusive: Shin Beit rounds up a Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades gang on the point of a mortar blitz on southern Jerusalem. The Fatah gang was 12 strong; it had deployed in Bethlehem 8 mortars, 0.3 mm machine guns and a stock of shells and ammo. DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources report that Israeli security forces stepped in to foil the attack in the nick of time; the hardware was already in position for a coordinated shelling and shooting bombardments of the Gilo and Har Homa districts of the capital which abut on Bethlehem.

On Feb. 22, Shin Beit director Yuval Diskin briefed the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee on the inquiry he launched after a single mortar was found poised to shell Jerusalem from neighboring Beit Jalla. The probe uncovered a large network armed with a variety of heavy weaponry including high trajectory arms. Eight of the mortars turned out to be home-made improvisations. The discovery that Fatah was manufacturing mortar-type weapons on the West Bank was alarming.

The attack’s commander was the al Aqsa Brigades Bethlehem chief Jabar Fuaz Eid Akhras. The plan was for the Beit Jalla mortar to shell Gilo first, then fire off the other seven from Bethlehem, when Israeli security and rescue forces has gathered at the scene. Har Homa was to have been the primary target of a massive blitz.
Posted by:Steve

#4  Mortars.

Thats the "secret weapon" that was going to be used in place of the suicide bomb campaign and the rockets, that would get past the Israeli wall. I recall some promises of new weapons some weeks ago, I guess this is it.
Posted by: buwaya   2006-03-08 17:52  

#3  I'm sure some people like that 0.3mm machine gun because it has a high rate of fire, but I'd bet it doesn't do much damage. Now a 30mm machine gun, on the other hand, would be something to worry about.
Posted by: WhiteCollarRedneck   2006-03-08 12:12  

#2  Directions: Place all 12 flex-cuffed lads, 8 mortars, 0.3 mm machine guns and a stock of shells and ammo in a CONEX container. Strap the entire box tightly. Find the Rachel Correy memorial D-9 Cat. Dig a big hole and stick the box in it, cover it over, and lose the grid.
Posted by: Visitor   2006-03-08 09:22  

#1  Now they get fed on my tax shekel for 20 years.
Posted by: gromgoru   2006-03-08 08:45