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Iranian oil pipeline on fire in Arab region; sabotage?
The fire broke out Tuesday night near Ahvaz, where violent clashes and bombing attacks staged by ethnic Arabs have taken place over the past year in Iran’s main oil region. The pipelines carry crude oil to the refinery city of Abadan in the southwest, but there was no disruption to supplies, the Iranians said.
Posted by:lotp

#4  Wouldn't be the Baluchis, they're on the other border and aren't Arabs. But Iran's Arab minority has been ... restless ... lately.
Posted by: lotp   2006-03-08 19:01  

#3  Bulachis? Spec Ops guys? Mossad's PAL?

Why question a good thing.
Posted by: bigjim-ky   2006-03-08 18:37  

#2  Oh my gosh...I hope the poor iranian mullahs are OK.
Posted by: anymouse   2006-03-08 17:23  

#1  If it means screwing Iran I am all for a higher price for oil. I'll wear a sweater and shut off a few computers.

Faster please.
Posted by: SPoD   2006-03-08 17:20