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Soddy jihadi obit released
In the ninth issue of the al-Qaeda in Iraq publication, “From the Biographies of the Prominent Martyrs,” the writer, Abu Ismail al-Muhagir, tells the story of Al-Hazbar al-Nahdi. Al-Nahdi, aka "Stumpy" , a Saudi Arabian from a financially secure family, is written to have heeded the calls of Muslim scholars to join the jihad in Iraq, despite his partial paralysis preventing the use of one leg and rendering his left hand “semi-inoperative”. Al-Muhagir tells that al-Nahdi was often delegated the task of guarding his companion mujahideen, and he would bring a weapon light enough for him to carry and use.

A month after his arrival in Iraq, al-Muhagir notes that Al-Hazbar al-Nahdi told his fellows that he would become a “martyr” the next day, a vision at which was scoffed. However, at the date and time al-Nahdi states he would be martyred, during an operation in which members of the group set out to burn two vehicles, a tank fired a shell, the shrapnel of which killed al-Nahdi. Al-Muhagir states: “He is one of those who did little but were greatly rewarded".
Posted by:Dan Darling

#7  I just love these bedtime stories with happy endings :)
Posted by: Clolutle Slans5753   2006-03-09 19:54  

#6  Dead cripples are fun, in a sick kind of way, *especially* if they are jihad boyz. It's a bit like midget porn, actually. I would like to see midget porn involving the violation of Lions of Islam(tm), and lard, lot of lard.
Posted by: anonymous5089   2006-03-09 15:28  

#5  Run, Forrest, run!
Posted by: Chuck Simmins   2006-03-09 15:08  

#4  “He is one of those who did little but were greatly rewarded".

Look, a tank!
Send in... the spaz!
Posted by: tu3031   2006-03-09 12:21  

#3  "So, if you've got some cripples or idiots in your family that are just taking up space, give us a call at..."
Posted by: Anonymoose   2006-03-09 10:34  

#2  Oh brave lions cripples of Islam..
Posted by: Howard UK   2006-03-09 04:49  

#1  The Abrams - making GOOD JIHADISTS everyday!
Posted by: 3dc   2006-03-09 00:57