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Southeast Asia
Muslim beheaded in South Thailand
Suspected Muslim insurgents have beheaded a man in the restive south of Thailand, an official said Tuesday.

The body and severed head of Abdulaziz Japakiya, 41, a Muslim who worked on rubber plantations, was found by villagers early Tuesday near a plantation in Yala province, said district chief Surachai Wongsupalak.

Authorities believe he was killed by Islamic insurgents, who sometimes target fellow Muslims they suspect of cooperating with government authorities.
Posted by:Dan Darling

#4  I was a hopin the Thais were fighting back and lightened up an Imam... damn
Posted by: Frank G   2006-03-11 15:19  

#3  Couldn't caught a Buddhist, eh?
Posted by: gromgoru   2006-03-11 14:16  

#2  Btw, beheading a muslim prevents him from going to heaven according to what dear old Shyam said; he was (is) my (ex) uncle in law, and a nepalese gurkha, and he fought one indian-pakistani war (1971, I'd say, he enlisted at 15), during which he killed supposedly 12 pakistani soldiers (7 with his rifle, and 5 with his knife, or the other way around... prisoners???), I suppose he was probably saying the truth, and the idea was to behead ennemies to send them to an eternal in-between limbo.
Posted by: anonymous5089   2006-03-11 13:59  

#1  Now, that's a climax ! Religionists-of-peace beheading OTHER religionists-of-peace ! Excellent ! I think Bush should quote this fact in his next speech, to praise the consistency of what he calls "the noble faith".

At least Grover Norquist, the oh so dear friend of Rove, will be happy.
Posted by: Poitiers-Lepanto   2006-03-11 13:23