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French Preparations For Civil War
Training for Civil War in Alsace.

An exercise involving 400 soldiers will be held in Haut-Rhin, from March 14 to 16. The scenario strangely resembles repression of violent sedition carried out by an immigrant group. In effect, they are being trained in counter-guerilla tactics against terrorists in a section of Coteaux and Dornach (suburb of Mulhouse), a fortified Islamist zone. Rallying at the more European quarter of Stade de l'Ill, they will conduct a cleansing operation (or evacuation)...
Posted by:Listen To Dogs

#16  The French fighting muzzies on their own soil begs the question, who will surrender first? We can only wish the frogs good luck and hope this spills over to the rest of Europe. With any luck they will raze all the nursery burning mosques and be done with it.

Maybe someone can explain to me why anyone in their right mind would want korAnimals in their country? Dhimmtude anyone?
Posted by: Icerigger   2006-03-12 14:36  

#15  I agree with the posters who protest linkage of "black" people to Arab extremists. Editors of Blue Revolution sites like France-Echos denounce anti black/Jew groups like the National Front, but they still post some anti-black material where objective comment is also made on Muslim aggression. I monitored France's largest black oriented forum ( during last year's riots and I found no incitement comment whatsoever, and much condemnation. In contrast the website of France's official Muslim group - UIOF - had to shut down its forum at the time, because Arabs were advising on which streets to conduct car burnings. If any blacks participated in the riots, they were probably Muslims who Arabs still refer to as "abds" (slaves).
Posted by: Listen To Dogs   2006-03-12 21:49  

#14  "Do you wonder they hate us when we or more exactly our MSM and teachers presnet us as monsters and their monsters as heroes?" (JFM)

Not at all-you and I agree, to the extent that liberals so quickly and easily blame everything on "the West" or whites and excuse anything that non-whites do. That self-loathing Westerners help them along with this is suicidal. Personally, I am just wondering when the day will come when things like skin color, eye shape, height-all physical things people are born with-are no longer the basis by which we esteem or distance ourselves from others. Seems like ideas and behaviors would be much more important.

"More accusations of "racism." I'm beginning to wonder if this site is actually run out of Howard Univ. Lets end the name calling shall we?"

"Noirs" in France is often used as a racist slur-it is a term with lots of baggage. It is not "namecalling" to point that out.

Back on topic-glad to see this exercise is taking place. It is reassuring to know that the French are stirring and recognizing the threat to their way of life.
Posted by: Jules   2006-03-12 19:55  

#13  More accusations of "racism." I'm beginning to wonder if this site is actually run out of Howard Univ. Lets end the name calling shall we?
Posted by: Juque Ebbaitle6026   2006-03-12 18:48  

#12  Jules

My point is that a mix of cowardice and leftism for fils a papa is fuelling anti-Jew and anti-French propaganda.

Two examples: Nobody is asking Dieudonné why he is so keen on the sufferings of the Palestinians and why he cares so little about Arabs are doing to Blacks in Soudan, why he makes so much fuss about the abolished Frecnh slavery and so little about the current slavery of Blacks in Islamisc countries (the big cheese at Mecca declared in 2005: "Slavery is part of Islam")? I suspect Fofana motivations were not primarily money but hate of Jews incited by Islamists and by the victimization of pooooooooooor little Palestinians by French media. Had he not been brainwashed by our MSM the logical thing would have been that he had settled his sights on one of those bearded guys who abound in teh area where he lives.

Another example: last year teh Bibliotheque Nationale produced a presentation of the Crusades for high-schoolers and one of the things asked to the user was "Show that Jihad has been a reaction to the vciolences of the Crusades". In other words the Bibliotheque Nationale contributed to the victimist speech of the Islamists (who evert complain of beiong agressed all while they slice infidel throats) and pushes Magrebians to hate the "agressors" and the "Gaulois" to inhibition (it is normal they hate us after what we have done to them).

Same for presentation of colonisation of Algeria: teh French had enough of the harassing by Muslim pirates. Oh, and then the eeeeeeeevil French used torture in Algeria and our leftist teachers and MSM will not tell our immigrants that in fact the heroic FLN was putting bombs in school busses, machine gunning merry-go-rounds, that it was exterminating with utmost sadism entire villages of non FLN Algerians (be it pro-France or non-FLN independists) and that making captured FLN talk was the only way to prevent another massacre.

Do you wonder they hate us when we or more exactly our MSM and teachers presnet us as monsters and their monsters as heroes?

Posted by: JFM   2006-03-12 17:25  

#11  Wow-JFM-what a heavy-handed reaction to what I wrote. My point wasn't an attack on the author for being a racist.

Question-Will you argue that it isn't commonplace in France to use the broadbrush term "noirs" when referring to the immigrants there? This is damaging to France. If an African-American has lived in France for 15 years and is a believer in western principles, is he a "noir" like an African Islamic militant who has lived there for 15 years and despises everything about France?

When the car riots were going on in France, what should have been universal international opposition to the rioters was undercut by the fact that many non-French had seen racist attitudes in France prior to the riots--the belief that people not born in France or people with dark skin weren't "truly French". I am not the only one to have remarked on it here.

Backlash against me, if you like, it doesn't matter. What matters is that outdated terms painted broadbrush to immigrants in France does not help France or the West. IMO, it goes to the real difficulty for France-living down a reputation of discrimination against people not born there. Our arguments in this struggle are better couched in terms of belief systems, not skin color. We cannot go on and on about past history, root causes, etc-there is no expiration date on vengeance if we do. I think persuasion for the Blue Scarves is more likely if we discard language that is loaded with negative history that has nothing to do with the threat to France today.

"Noir" is the color of skin, fine. "Noir" has a history, fine. Doesn't mean we have to use it every time we talk about immigrant problems in France.
Posted by: Jules   2006-03-12 16:23  

#10  :-) how far will this go JFM, A5089? A real backlash or temporary ?
Posted by: Frank G   2006-03-12 15:26  

#9  Jules

You have conveniently cut the text before the author develops his full thought: that Blacks are being brainwashed to hate both Jews and the French and the part in that brainwashing by chic leftism. So much for the racist author. Nice try but you are not the only one here who can read French and follow links.
Posted by: JFM   2006-03-12 14:55  

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Posted by: Icerigger   2006-03-12 14:36  

#7  Sounds like "Operation Valkyrie"!
Posted by: borgboy   2006-03-12 11:34  

Posted by: doc   2006-03-12 10:49  

#5  Careful, though. One of the linked articles has this, which identifies the problem as "noirs"-blacks. The French would do far better to make this an issue of ideology, not skin color. Yes, it's colloquial, but they will get far support by avoiding racist language.

"De quoi sont morts Ilan Halimi et le gendarme Raphaël Clin ? Le premier des tortures que lui ont infligées ses ravisseurs. Le second du refus d'assistance des témoins de l'accident dont il venait d'être victime. Dans les deux cas, les acteurs principaux sont des Noirs. Quels sentiments les animaient ? La haine. Comment des êtres humains ont-ils pu en venir à de telles extrémités, telle est la question que tous les Français doivent désormais se poser."

(Roughly translated) From what did Ilan Halimi and the police officer Raphael Clin die? The first, from tortures inflicted on him by his kidnappers. The second, by the refusal of witnesses to help him after the accident he had. In these two cases, the principal actors are blacks. What motivates them? Hate. How could human beings go to such extremes? That is the question that all French must, from this point forward, ask themselves.
Posted by: Jules   2006-03-12 10:45  

#4  I suspect that an internal conflict like this would be more inclined to cross over into the ugly realm of "industrial war". Since it amounts to a police action, if the "insurgents" (interesting choice of words, now), commit some truly heinous acts, such as beheadings, the French might, unofficially at least, respond with summary executions.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if they brought back the guillotine?
Posted by: Anonymoose   2006-03-12 09:49  

#3  Interesting site, LtD. Thanks.
Posted by: lotp   2006-03-12 09:34  

#2  Well red was for the Communards and that was so 19th Century vogue. The new 'in' color for Spring 2006 would have to be something else.

BTW, the French handling of the Communards would indeed be a good model for the next muzzie display of malcontent. It worked.
Posted by: Glising Chaviling8280   2006-03-12 08:47  

#1  I won't post much on this topic until English big media picks it up, but anti-Islamism is in rally time in France, under the banner of the "Blue Revolution." Every ideologue between Chirac and Le Pin has to take notice of "Le Bleus" for no other reason than that they wear blue scarves for visibility. If you remember your high school French, take a look at this
Posted by: Listen To Dogs   2006-03-12 03:23