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Malmö restaurant peppered with bullets
Malmö. Hmmm, Malmö. I wonder what distinguishes Malmö from other Swedish cities.

Actually, despite the large immigrant population there, this might well have had to do with drugs or prostitution, both of which are funnelled through that part of Sweden from Russia to the rest of Europe.
A pizzeria in Arlöv, near Malmö, was shot at repeatedly with automatic weapons on Friday night. Shots were fired into areas where diners were sitting, but nobody was injured.

The shooting started when a Volvo pulled up outside the restaurant. According to a witness, around six unmasked men jumped out of the car. One of them was armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, and shot indiscriminately through the pizzeria's windows. Nobody was hit by the bullets.

"They had a guardian angel," said Mats Attin at Malmö police. "It is amazing that there aren't ten people lying dead in there," he said.

Police forensic scientists found a large number of bullets in the walls and in other parts of the restaurant.

Following the shooting, the men got back into the car and drove away. "We don't know the reasons for the shooting, but there had been some kind of row earlier in the evening. We don't think it was aimed at the restaurant, but believe that it had something to do with a row between certain guests," Attin said. At the time of writing, police had not arrested anyone for the shooring.

Two witnesses said that they had seen what happened and were being questioned by police on Saturday morning. They have also given a general description of the men. "This is all we have at the moment," said police spokesman Bo Paulsson on Saturday morning.
"Yåh, wé håvé nøthïng sø får!"
Witnesses have so far not been able to identify any individuals, nor have the police found the Volvo.
Posted by:lotp

#10  What's Swedish for “Umberto's Clam House”?
Posted by: Eric Jablow   2006-03-12 19:22  

#9  ...Ya know, I drive an '89 Volvo 780 Bertone - and a smart-alec friend of mine said it looked like something 'a made guy from Stockholm' would drive.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski   2006-03-12 15:38  

#8  "They had a guardian angel," said Mats Attin at Malmö police. "It is amazing that there aren't ten people lying dead in there," he said.

No guardian angel needed. Most wannabe terrorist assholes fire from the hip and have no clue about muzzle rise. It always cracks me up in movies when the bad guy firing the automatic weapon sprays the ground around the good guy's feet. That never happens in real life. If you miss with an automatic weapon, you miss high.
Posted by: 11A5S   2006-03-12 14:04  

#7  Man, that's one ugly ride CL.
Posted by: 6   2006-03-12 13:46  

#6  Sounds like it was the Soprannonsens.
Posted by: Matt   2006-03-12 08:31  

#5  Beware the Volvo of Doom (tm)
Posted by: Carl in N.H.   2006-03-12 08:27  

#4  Danish police accidentially stopped a car half an year ago on the way to swedish border, packed with weapons from former Yugoslavia. EU has practically no control inside the countries and weak control with outside countries. Situation will become more interesting soon.
Posted by: Nesvarbukas   2006-03-12 05:18  

#3  One of them was armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle,

Oh the guns are there, all right. They'll come out of the woodwork when the time is right.
Posted by: Rafael   2006-03-12 01:10  

#2  I wonder if this was the Volvo the bad guys pulled up in. A friend used to refer to this model as the "King Gustav hit car".
Posted by: Classical_Liberal   2006-03-12 00:34  

#1  Wait! This can't be right.

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to own automatic weapons in Sweden, so it couldn't possibly have happened....
Posted by: Barbara Skolaut   2006-03-12 00:19