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Afghan bomb blast kills 4 US soldiers
Four US soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb attack on their convoy in eastern Afghanistan, the US military said. "Four coalition service members were killed in the attack. It was an IED [improvised explosive device] attack," US military spokesman Major Matt Hackathorn told AFP.

The troops were on patrol in Kunar province's Pech district, which is a known area for Taliban activities, when the attack occurred. "The patrol was conducting route-clearance operations to keep the road open to civilian and military traffic," the US military headquarters in Kabul said in a statement. "The extremists that initiated this senseless attack create a significant danger and threat to the Afghan people," Major General Benjamin Freakley, a US commander in Afghanistan, said in the statement.

Provincial governor Asadullah Wafa said the bomb was a remote-control device. He blamed the enemies of Afghanistan for the attack, a term often used to refer to the Taliban.
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Release Date: 3/13/2006

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Coalition forces are continuing assaults against extremists in the Pech Valley of Kunar Province following an improvised explosive device attack that killed four U.S. service members yesterday.

The Coalition’s response has resulted in the detention of 11 insurgents believed responsible for the attack. Operations to kill or capture other extremists, deny them sanctuary, and restore stability to the area are continuing.

“The sacrifice of our fallen comrades only strengthens our resolve to bring stability to the people in this important region of Afghanistan ,” said Col. John Nicholson, commander of the Coalition’s Combined Task Force Spartan, in eastern Afghanistan . “We will work even harder with our Afghan brothers in the security forces and the government to do so.”

Marines and soldiers of the task force swept the valley with support from field artillery, AH-64 (attack) helicopters and AC-130 gunships after encountering small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades from a number of enemy fighters.

The service members who were killed in the IED attack were conducting route -clearance operations to keep a road open for civilian and military traffic.

“The extremists that initiated this senseless attack create a significant danger and threat to the Afghan people,” Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, commanding general of the Coalition’s Combined Joint Task Force – 76, said March 12. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our soldiers today; their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

“These engineers build much needed roads that promote economic growth and quality of life for all Afghans. This attack is reprehensible,” he said.

Names of the deceased service members are being withheld pending notification of their next of kin.

Posted by: Glenmore   2006-03-13 13:35