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Africa Subsaharan
MP accused of Mugabe kill plot
A Zimbabwean Opposition MP and seven other people arrested last week following the discovery of an arms cache have plotted to assassinate President Robert Mugabe, a lawyer says. Lawyer Trust Manda says the eight men, including four police officers, have been charged under Zimbabwe's tough security laws of possession of weapons to carry out an insurgency, sabotage or terrorism.

Mr Manda quotes documents presented to the Magistrates Court in Mutare that say the eight had plotted to kill Mr Mugabe when he travelled to the eastern city on February 25 for a party to celebrate his 82nd birthday. "To achieve this, the group agreed to spill oil on (... a) highway when the motorcade would be approaching so that the motorcade would slip and get involved in an accident," according to the document read by Mr Manda.
Where the hell did they get that idea? Wile E. Coyote?
'E' for effort.
Posted by:Fred

#5  Are the roads really that good in Zimbabwe? Smooth enough to be slippery when wet? Liberia could have been pothole exporter to the world, and one traveler devised a rating of African roads based on how many times per mile your head hit the ceiling.
Posted by: James   2006-03-13 15:50  

#4  To he|| with oil on the road, just grease Mugabe.
Posted by: Zenster   2006-03-13 11:57  

#3  If you don't have motor oil to add to your crankcase when it gets low, the last quart or so will end up on the road when the engine blows.
You get the same result if you have the motor oil, but fail to maintain your vehicle out of ignorance or choice.
Now Mugsy has justification to lock up pretty much anyone with a motor vehicle.
Posted by: Glenmore   2006-03-13 09:49  

#2  We need to start shipping them portable holes.
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2006-03-13 09:34  

#1  Lol. Did they find Acme brand Accident Oil?
Posted by: Fluger Flash1043   2006-03-13 06:33