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Intact shirt saps crossfire claim
The Rapid Action Battalion's claim that Iman Ali, a Jubo League leader of Savar, died Wednesday in "crossfire" comes under question as locals and family members say they found the bullet-hit body in a shirt that had absolutely no bullet holes.

The family members suspect Iman was tortured to death and then the body was shot at and dumped near Panna Textile Mill in Khagan Village. Neighbours and family members allege a certain influential quarter used Rab-4 to kill Iman in reprisal for his leading role against its attempt to occupy 10 acres of land in Miton Village last month. "There were three bullet hits in Iman's chest, but surprisingly none of the bullets went through the shirt he was wearing," remarks a security guard of a textile mill who is one of the people who first saw the body sprawling in Khagan.
Details... Details...
Posted by:Fred

#5  Too bad Warren Zevon wasn't still around...
Posted by: Pappy   2006-03-13 10:11  

#4  Someone needs to write The Ballad of the Shuttergun (and Three Rounds of Bullet).
Posted by: Seafarious   2006-03-13 09:21  

#3  Oh!

It's not a shuttergun, but a stuttergun. The bullet skips in and out of an alternate dimension, effectively travelling faster than light and simply skipping through intervening objects like clothing.
Posted by: Robert Crawford   2006-03-13 09:18  

#2  The legend of the shuttergun grows.
Posted by: Fluger Flash1043   2006-03-13 05:50  

#1  These were magic bullets shot by a gun made by a djinn just for the RAB. Magic I tell you, magic. Here have some Zamm Zamm water you will feel better.
Posted by: SPoD   2006-03-13 02:35