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4 Terrorists Lynched In Iraq - Strung Up
Police found the bodies of four men dangling from electrical pylons Monday in a Baghdad Shiite slum, hours after car bombs and mortars shells ripped through teeming market streets, killing at least 58 people and wounding more than 200...

...Members of al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia captured the four people found hanged in the Shiite ghetto, according to police and a member of al-Sadr's organization, Sheik Amer al-Husseini. Police collected the bodies early Monday.

"We know nothing about their nationalities but residents reported that they were arrested yesterday by Mahdi Army," said local police Lt. Laith Abdul-Aal. "Two of them were wearing explosive belts and two others had mortar tubes."

Al-Husseini identified the men as three Iraqis and a Syrian...
Posted by:Anonymoose

#5  A cheap investment on Iran's part. ??
Posted by: lotp   2006-03-13 18:24  

#4  If Mookie's controlled by Iran and the Syrians are controlled by Iran what do we make of Mookie hanging a Syrian?
Posted by: JAB   2006-03-13 18:22  

#3  "Two of them were wearing explosive belts and two others had mortar tubes."

Of course, Sadr's boyz handily retained these choice items for later use as "evidence."
Posted by: Zenster   2006-03-13 12:30  

#2  I don't think his tactics are working as well as they think.
Posted by: plainslow   2006-03-13 10:26  

#1  An excellent demonstration of just why Mookie's popularity has been going up. The 'good guys' had better take a look, and learn.
Posted by: Glenmore   2006-03-13 08:46