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Another kidnapping/torture in France
Original in French - my quick translation of the opening. h/t to No Pasaran. As always, corrections to the translation from better French readers than I are most welcome.

Kidnapped and tortured for 1.500 euros

A 28 year old young man was held for several days in Compiegne, during which time he was burned with a clothes iron, forced to drink bleach... before being finally released. Four suspects are in custody and claim the money was due them in payment of a debt. The victim remains hospitalized.
The rest of the article details the cold-blooded actions: burned with a red hot knife blade, doused in flammable perfume which was lit. The 4 suspects include both males and females.

Posted by:lotp

#2  Slashed him with razor blades and pulled out his eyelashes as well.

Seems they met this victim in jail last year. Serving time for theft. No names or nationalities of the accussed, of course. That may come out, given the tactics described.

The victim is no angle, it would appear. So the "debt" may have some foundation. But the methods chosen certianly speak volumnes about who the accused are. And which ethnic group they may come from.
Posted by: Thinemp Whimble2412   2006-03-13 19:08  

#1  The only name listed was the victim, and it was NOT Mohammed. My French is poor, but I think it said the victim and the perps knew each other from previous incarcerations.
Posted by: Glenmore   2006-03-13 19:05