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President Lahoud vows to stay on
Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said on Saturday he would not yield to mounting pressure to resign and that he is protecting the constitution. "I will not meet their demand and leave office. They can only oust me if the constitution states I am accused of treason or if I have violated the constitution, two things I have never committed," he said in an interview with Al-Jazeera television on Saturday.

Lahoud said most of the politicians calling for his resignation had spent their careers in the Syrian camp, and challenged them to hold new elections if they were confident of keeping a parliamentary majority they won last summer. "If they do not fear anything let them call for early elections and let the new deputies elect their new president. Or if they want, let them hold a referendum and see who the people would choose as their new president," he said. "The weapons of the resistance should exist until the Arab-Israeli conflict comes to an end and the Palestinians return to their homeland," Lahoud said.
Posted by:Seafarious