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Protest over desecration
SIALKOT: A complete shutter down was observed in the village Kuluwal near Sialkot International Airport on Saturday against allegations that a local quarrel led to desecration of Holy Quran.

Eyewitness said that Shaifq, 20, was found in a bedroom with his sister-in-law Noreen by his father Muhammad Latif. When the later objected to his presence in the room, Shafiq became angry and started breaking house hold items. In his anger, he desecrated the holy book. A neighbour, Nasir, who claimed to have seen the incident, reported it to Head Marla police. Police arrested Shafiq and registered a case against him. After hearing about the incident, local residents began to protest, demanding that all shops, schools and government offices in the area close. Noreen is said to be wife of Muhammad Anwar, a prayer leader of an Islamabad mosque.
The brazen hussy!
Posted by:Fred

#6  Blasphemers beware! What would happen if a prominent Muslim toured the US and proclaimed that Jesus Christ wasn't crucified? The late, unlamented, Wahabi whore, Ahmad Deedat, not only did that, but debated Billy Graham, Anis Shirosh and Jimmy Swaggart on the subject in front of thousands of people.
Posted by: Listen To Dogs   2006-03-19 10:45  

#5  Well, it is a spiffy way to get someone you're mad at hauled off to the pokey. The protests are a bonus.
Posted by: Griper Phulet7709   2006-03-19 09:28  

#4  Rolling your eyes, seething, rioting and gun sex apparently is the full time job there.
Posted by: CrazyFool   2006-03-19 09:13  

#3  So somebody, somewhere thinks they heard that somebody, somewhere says they saw somebody, somewhere hurl a Koran across the room in a fit of pique and the entire village shuts down for the day to riot, roll their eyes, ululate and have gun sec.

No wonder they're poor, uneducated and lack responsible government. Does anyone ever work a full week?
Posted by: Thinemp Whimble2412   2006-03-19 08:47  

#2  That's high concept material Penguin. You may have a future in TeeVee.
Posted by: 6   2006-03-19 07:04  

#1  Are you sure the article isn't just the weekly digest of some edgy Paki soap opera?
Posted by: Penguin   2006-03-19 02:08