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Tales from the Crossfire Gazette (Sunday edition)
An extremist leader was killed in a police 'crossfire' between the policemen and a gang of extremists early Saturday at Charkol village under Sadar upazila in Jhenidah. The deceased was identified as Shamsul Haque alias Sumon (40), son of late Jahiruddin Mondol of Charkol village.
Pops may have been in a previous crossfire. We hope.
Police said Sumon, who was killed in the police crossfire was one of the top leaders of Purba Bangla Communist Party (M L - Janajuddha) as well as accused in 20 cases including 19 murder charges.
How unusual, they whacked a commie.
Police sources said acting on a tip off, ...
... Mahmoud the commie-hating Weasel strikes again ...
...Kotchandpur thana police conducted a raid Friday morning at Chandpara Khapur village under Chougachha thana and arrested him.
"Well, well, if it isn't our local commie. C'mon, Sumon, youse comin' wit us."
Later, following his confession ...
... conducted according to Marxist principles ...
... police conducted another raid early Saturday along with Sumon to arrest his henchmen accomplices and recover their hidden arms lair den.
Just another early morning stroll in a field ...
Police said as they reached the field of Chorkol village, the ambushed accomplices of Sumon opened fire on them to snatch away their leader and they retaliated.
Just like the RAB would. How quaint.
At one stage, police claimed that Sumon tried to escape, received several bullet injuries all to the back of the head and died on the spot.
"He's dead, Jim!"
The accomplices of Sumon, according to police, who opened fire on them managed to flee the scene unhurt leaving a local made gun and four rounds of bullets.
No one else hit, no one else injured, no hernias and no trips to the Chittagong Med School ER.
Posted by:Steve White

#2  Under the upazila the ambushed accomplices escaped. Lousy ambush.
Posted by: Inspector Clueso   2006-03-19 14:25  

#1  Now they have a Police Macro not just an RAB Macro to handle these stories.
Posted by: SPoD   2006-03-19 04:41