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Home Front: Culture Wars
San Francisco set to vote on ban on public nudity, except at ‘gay pride’ events
The pendulum of the sexual revolution may be swinging slightly back toward sanity in San Francisco, as the city is set to vote on a new law that may bar public nudity – except at the city’s gay pride march and other events covered by permit.

The ordinance, introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener who oversees the city’s homosexual Castro District, would make it illegal for any adult and most children to “expose his or her genitals, perineum, or anal region” in public.

The behavior of some naturists at the district’s public plaza pushed Wiener over the edge.

“There’s always been occasional public nudity in San Francisco. Over the last two years it’s gone from being this quirky, occasional thing to an obnoxious, over-the-top thing,” Wiener said.

“A lot of people who live in the neighborhood are just sick of the fact that seven days a week there are men taking their pants off and displaying their genitals on our sidewalks and plaza.”

“There is definitely a place for public nudity, but the place is not out all over our neighborhoods,” he told Fox News.

The behavior of the plaza nudists disturbed others who enjoy baring it all in the Bay area.

McCray Winpsett, 37, told the Associated Press, “A few lewd exhibitionists are really ruining it for the rest of us.”

The city’s nudists have preemptively filed a federal lawsuit to block the measure, should it become law. Their lawyer, Christopher DiEdoard – who now goes by “Christina” – declared last week it was time “for us to return to real San Francisco values!”

If adopted, the new law would not mean public nudity would disappear, particularly from the city’s homosexual and sado-masochistic events, which are noted for lewd conduct.

“Gay pride is inseparable from genital liberation,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue said in an e-mail statement. “The law being considered would still allow these men to go naked at the annual gay pride parade, and at the Folsom Street Fair; the latter event is marked by naked homosexuals who whip each other in the street.”

The city’s Board of Supervisors will vote on the measure tomorrow night.

Last year the city passed an ordinance requiring nudists to place some barrier between their bottoms and chairs or seats in public places.
Posted by:Au Auric

#8  How 'bout a Gay Pride Bacon Cook-Off...?
Posted by: Uncle Phester   2012-11-20 21:02  

#7  Great. Now everything is going to be a Gay Pride event. BBQ? Gay Pride. Walking the dog? Gay Pride. Council Meeting? Well that was obvious anyway.
Posted by: Charles   2012-11-20 15:00  

#6  Go to your room, B.
Posted by: Barbara   2012-11-20 11:12  

#5  I understand he's the wurst overseer they've had to date. :-(
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-11-20 10:56  

#4  "Supervisor Scott Wiener who oversees the city's homosexual Castro District"

You can't make these things up
Posted by: European Conservatives   2012-11-20 10:46  

#3  Paging Tiberius to the white courtesy phone.
Posted by: AlanC   2012-11-20 09:05  

#2  except at the city's gay pride march

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others - Orwell, Animal Farm
Posted by: Procopius2k   2012-11-20 08:50  

#1  McCray Winpsett, 37, told the Associated Press, "A few lewd exhibitionists are really ruining it for the rest of us."

I hope he wasn't referring to my white, rhinestone studded, glove lether chaps with the royal doulton perwinkle pattern piping. :-(
Posted by: Besoeker   2012-11-20 06:48