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Good morning
Posted by:Fred

#4  Birthday Gam Shot

Gail Harris [English][Filmography](age 48)

Posted by: GolfBravoUSMC   2012-12-16 11:28  

#3  That can't be said often enough, Frank.

Anytime a Ranter wants to buy something from Amazon (or even browse), go to Rantburg first and click on the Amazon link to go shopping. It's a piece of cake.

(And as much as some of us buy from Amazon, hopefully it helps Fred a little too.)
Posted by: Barbara   2012-12-16 11:26  

#2  just a reminder. If you're shopping Amazon, and click through Fred's link down the right side of the page, he gets a little boodle at no expense to you
Posted by: Frank G   2012-12-16 10:35  

#1  Addressing the "Au revoir..." comment. That seems to hold with just about any western/civilized government, the USA included. The troops are far better than their 'betters'.
As I type this, I think to/of myself "Bitter, much?" A resounding yes.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike   2012-12-16 06:33