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Africa Horn
Unknown gunmen attack Somali and Kenyan forces in Bula gadud.
[Shabelle] Reports from Dhobley town in southern Somalia say that there was a fighting in Bula Gadud village last night between Somali government forces backed by Kenyan forces and unknown assailants.

The fighting is reported to be fierce with a casualty of four deaths but the Somali national army and their Kenyan allies have succeeded in chasing the unknown assailant group from the area.

Bulo Gadud was a stronghold for Alshabab but it has recently been freed by the Somali national army with from the Kenyan contingents from the African union mission.

Meanwhile there was also a fight in an area near Tabto and Dhobley and it was an ambush attack on convoys of the hapless Somali government forces and Kenyan troops.

Residents in the area told Shabelle that one Somali soldier and e Kenyan soldier were killed in the ambush but the unknown gunnies who ambushed the allied forces have been cleared out of the area.
Posted by:Fred