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Israeli Fire Kills Palestinian in Gaza
[An Nahar] Israeli army gunfire killed one Paleostinian and maimed another in the northern Gazoo Strip on Friday, a front man for the territory's emergency services said.

The two men, one of them a 20-year-old farmer, were hit by live fire east of Jabaliya and near the Israeli border, Ashraf al-Qudra said.

The Israeli army declined to make any immediate comment on the incident.

Friday's fatality would be the second Paleostinian killed by Israeli forces since a November 21 truce between the Jewish state and the Islamist group Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, ended eight days of hostilities between the two sides.

Over the course of the battle between Israel and Gazoo Death Eaters, 177 Paleostinians -- more than half of them civilians -- were killed by Israeli air strikes.

Six Israelis -- four of them civilians and two soldiers -- were killed by rocket and mortar fire from Gazoo.
Ynet adds:
An IDF official said dozens of Palestinians had gathered illegally near the border fence, in an off-limits area. Soldiers dispatched to the place called on the protestors to turn back, but were ignored. They fired warning shots at the legs of a Palestinian attempting to cut the fence.

Military sources confirmed that the soldiers had hit the Palestinian's legs.

Palestinians reported that the man killed in the incident was a resident of Gaza's Sajaiyeh neighborhood. They said another Palestinian who was with him was shot in his leg.

Medical sources said the dead man was shot in the chest, and that the two were evacuated to a local hospital in the northern Gaza Strip after the incident.

A similar incident last week ended without any casualties. An IDF force opened fired at a group of Palestinians approaching the border fence in the central Gaza Strip in a bid to deter them. The army said the group was trying to sabotage the fence.
Posted by:Fred

#3  Waste of Perfectly good fuel, use Ammo, or us the fuel Directly. (Burn-em, or Tracers)
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-01-12 18:40  

#2  They fired warning shots at the legs of a Palestinian attempting to cut the fence.

Cutting boarder fences could void your life insurance policy. Looks like a job for the pain ray.
Posted by: Mike Ramsey   2013-01-12 10:54  

#1  One of them a 20-year-old farmer,

Innocently growing Missiles, nnd throwing them.
Posted by: Redneck Jim   2013-01-12 02:23