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Saudi Students Flood U.S. For English Class
Posted by:trailing wife

#5  My Christian daughter studying to be an English Lit teacher was matched with a Saudi male for tutoring--they are still FB friends years later and he + friends were invited to a Christian sorority party, as they wanted to meet girls. I'm wary of their motives, and yes, they are flooding the Midwest and Plains states, but they are also bombarded with the pioneering values of Americana. There were a lot of Iranians prior to the '79 overthrow of the Shah and those educated here either fled to raise their children in freedom or are working to oppose Dinnerjacket from within. Crossculturalism can work both ways....
Posted by: Kojo Wholuse5660   2013-01-16 12:32  

#4  The infusion of full-paying international students has been a boon for cash-strapped U.S. colleges.
These rent-seeking colleges will be the death of us yet.
Posted by: Spot   2013-01-16 07:59  

#3  Nothing could ever go wrong by giving a bunch of young Saudis visas...
Posted by: Gleregum tse Tung1512   2013-01-16 07:22  

#2  How many are taking flying lessons?
Posted by: tipper   2013-01-16 04:47  

#1  Excellent way to recycle to petrodollars, and far more productive than renting expensive European hookers. Not that they're mutually exclusive, of course.
Posted by: Zhang Fei   2013-01-16 00:49