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Home Front: Politix
NRA Labels Obama Hypocrite on Guns for Child Protection
On the day that President Barack Obama will announce an agenda for curbing gun violence following last month’s shooting at a Connecticut school, the National Rifle Association is running an ad labeling Obama an “elitist hypocrite” because his own children receive armed protection.

Obama plans to propose executive actions and legislative proposals at an 11:55 a.m. White House appearance today with Vice President Joe Biden, who developed the plan in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, which killed 20 first- graders and six educators on Dec. 14. Following those shootings, the NRA proposed armed guards for all the nation’s schools.
Posted by:tipper

#8  Yes, nice pieces of work, Waco and Ruby Ridge.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-16 17:03  

#7  JQC - one of the EO's mentions mental health w/obamacare (loosely). Soviet psychiatry.
Posted by: Broadhead6   2013-01-16 16:53  

#6  Ah yes, the govmint worked for the benefit of the children at Waco and Ruby Ridge too. The 2nd Amendent was created with an eye towards a wariness of a of corrupt and tyrannical government and a prescription for what to do about it.
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-16 16:52  

#5  "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation."

--- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf
Posted by: Uncle Phester   2013-01-16 16:39  

#4  I have been hearing about some pushback against executive orders from county sheriffs in various places across the country. JohnQX

"Pushback" will end like it did last time, unless somebody moves the safety to the OFF position. Glossy 8x10's are available.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-16 16:15  

#3  I do worry about how the government might address crazy people. For example, they might deem anyone who speaks out against or disagrees with Champ a mental health threat. What's the next step--anyone who has a firearm is deemed a threat? I have no confidence in an administration to enforce laws when it has a history of law-breaking. I have been hearing about some pushback against the executive orders from county sheriffs in various places across the country.
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-16 16:08  

#2  I'm also a life member. I'm good with the NRA video. The NRA recommended armed security in the schools and it was dismissed by this administration as not being a serious approach. The NRA has also mentioned addressing crazy people and gang violence. I've heard no mention of this by the administration.
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-16 15:59  

#1  was just watching p.o.s. Joe Scarborough gnash his judas teeth over supposed NRA ad pointing out Dear leader's hypocrisy on his kids going to schools that have armed guards...Scarborough and useful idiot sidekicks all feigned sufficient outrage (while obviously missing point completely) at "out of touch" NRA. I'm proud to be an NRA life member and am good w/that ad.
Posted by: Broadhead6   2013-01-16 11:07