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Kerry raises N. Korean gulag issue in confirmation hearing
That twitched the surprise meter, just a bit...
WASHINGTON -- Sen. John Kerry, the nominee to be secretary of state, said Thursday that the Obama administration should be more vocal in criticizing the issue of North Korean political prisoners.

Testifying at a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which he was long chairman, Kerry emphasized that American foreign policy is "defined by leadership of life-threatening issues like climate change, or fighting to lift up millions of lives by promoting freedom and democracy from Africa to the Americas and speaking out for the prisoners of gulags in North Korea and victims of human trafficking."

He also pointed out that today's world has become "more complicated" partly due to the emergence of China. He did not elaborate in his prepared opening remarks, which focused on a broad diplomatic vision.
Posted by:Steve White

#1  Still unanswered question is whether JFK has paid the back taxes on his boat.......
Will the spineless R's ask that simple Y/N question? nope, they don't have 2 balls to rub between all of them, the wusses.
Posted by: USN,Ret.   2013-01-25 08:42