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-Lurid Crime Tales-
Today's Idiots
Chicken patties? Potato skins? The last tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream? One of these items – or something – was such a hot item it stemmed a battle royale with literal cheese in an Albany area supermarket.
"Ware green beans!"
"Careful! You could put an eye out with that pizza!"
"Friendly Fire cleanup in Groceries!"

Many of us have seen the pictures from People of Walmart and chuckled loudly over the years. But who would have thought that an actual brawl would of broken out in in the frozen food aisle at the Walmart in Amsterdam, NY.

Reportedly, five different shoppers decided that a knock down, drag out fight was absolutely necessary. One of the women involved in the brawl had a ten month old with her, who almost got hurt! Luckily, one of the Walmart employees grabbed the baby after it was almost hurt several times. (I hope they got a BUNCH of smiley face stickers for it, too).

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office charged all five of the wannabe MMA fighters with endangering the welfare of a child, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct – all misdemeanors. NYS Child Protective Services was also given a buzz.
"Yeah, we got this idjit who endangered her kid in a brawl."
Officer Friendly did not disclose what the rumble was about – which is what everyone is most curious about. My money is on the last box of the Meatball & Mozzarella Hot Pockets. What – those things are de-LISH!
My money's on already-consumed beer.
Posted by:Korora

#8  Don't they teach contractions in school anymore?

1. It's Albany.

2. It's a radio-jock. In Albany.
Posted by: Pappy   2013-01-25 14:36  

#7  *they
Posted by: Butch Bourbon2471   2013-01-25 13:06  

#6  But who would have thought that an actual brawl -->would of<-- broken out in in the frozen food aisle at the Walmart in Amsterdam, NY.

Who writes this crap? Don't the teach contractions in school anymore?
Posted by: Percy Smith4873   2013-01-25 13:05  

#5  Gov Cuomo: "We must ban Walmart! It's for the children!"
Posted by: Rambler in Virginia   2013-01-25 12:11  

#4  I'm suggesting someone may have had three sheet to the wind.
Posted by: Korora   2013-01-25 12:01  

#3  My money's on already-consumed beer.

Is that a euphemism for Miller Lite?
Posted by: gorb   2013-01-25 11:28  

#2  ...and it's not even Black Thursday at Wallysmart. So who do we blame? Violent movies or video games, how about Springer! (All the world's a stage...)
Posted by: Procopius2k   2013-01-25 08:54  

#1  My money's on already-consumed beer.
[little girl's voice]
[/little girl's voice]
Posted by: Guillibaldo Johnson4614   2013-01-25 08:07