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Home Front: Culture Wars
The Blood Smeared Glass Ceiling - American Spectator
Posted by:Besoeker

#7  Chew toys for good ole boys.
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-29 18:08  

#6  No worries! All volunteer FEMA Jungvolkn brigades. We've already ordered the pistol ammunition.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-29 15:10  

#5  I suggest a secondary goal..

Or tertiary goal. Don't want to draft your daughters, sisters, wives, cause it's all equal now. Then do away with selective service, ie selective mobilization of the federal militia. No need for that outdated antiquated institution of the militia created by a bunch of old dead white men in the past. No militia. No guns.
Remember, he said they'd find other means to grab them.
Posted by: Procopius2k   2013-01-29 15:00  

#4  It is incumbent upon the U.S. to field the best, most capable battle-ready force. The military is not a social experiment. Women in combat; how has it worked out in other places? Israel comes to mind. Historically, they have had women in the military. Presently, there seems to be reluctance to put women in combat. A couple of articles: Link 1 and Link 2
Posted by: JohnQC   2013-01-29 10:16  

#3  the military is becoming a joke. I was reading "this kind of war" by Fehrenbach. A lot of similarities between Korea in the late 1940s (wrt discipline and comm issues & today) Except, the gov't today is making us willfully unprepared and creating social chaos w/in the ranks for political reasons. Getting rid of DADT was stupid enough. This is even more idiotic.
Posted by: Broadhead6   2013-01-29 09:48  

#2  I suggest a secondary goal -- to prevent the US from using its military. We don't want to see women killed and worse on the battlefield, and we can't field units without women, so...

All the lies about "fighting wars with minorities" had the same goal.
Posted by: Rob Crawford   2013-01-29 09:21  

#1  To put women among them would force them [warrior men] to break with their ancient customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Appears the author has stumbled upon the intended goal.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-29 07:47