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Judicial Committee Calls for Expediting Investigations into Complaints of People Affected by Current Events
[SANA] The Special Judicial Investigation Committee called upon its subcommittees and all relevant sides to expedite investigations into the complaints of citizens affected by the current events and refer them to the proper courts as fast as possible.

Chairman of the Committee, Judge Ahmad Zaher al-Bakri, told SANA on Monday that the Committee called for speeding up investigations and procedures relevant to those complaints, including taking in the statements of the citizens with complaints and taking any possible legal step to reach facts and ensure that rightful claims are addressed within the framework of laws and regulations.

In turn, Secretary of the Committee Mohammad Khalaf said that they will spare no effort to uncover all possible facts pertaining to the current events and find direct and quick executive mechanisms to meet citizens' needs, adding that the Committee is still taking complaints from citizens directly at its headquarters in Dummar in the former headquarters of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.
Posted by:Fred

#1  Ah, "current events". Is that what they're calling it now?
Posted by: tu3031   2013-01-29 00:29