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Home Front: Politix
State Permits $10B Oil Refinery
The South Dakota Supreme Court last Thursday upheld the approval of an air quality permit for constructing a proposed $10 billion oil refinery.

Hyperion's proposed refinery would process 400,000 barrels of Canadian tar sands crude oil each day into low-sulfur gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and liquid petroleum gas. If constructed, the 3,300-acre tract of farmland north of Elk Point (near the South Dakota-Iowa and the South Dakota-Nebraska borders) would become the first new U.S. site for an oil refinery since 1976.

The board originally issued an air quality permit in August 2009, and it was challenged by the Sierra Club and local groups.
There was no EIS prepared, which was one of the bases for the suits, but I imagine The Wizard of O can find a way to scub it.
Posted by:Bobby

#2  The Dakotas are way, way too cold for me.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-01-29 09:53  

#1  Maybe he wants this one? After all, it takes business away from those Evil Gulf Coasters and puts it up in a depopulated hinterland they can dominate from Chicago once the civil war starts.
Posted by: Thing From Snowy Mountain   2013-01-29 09:27