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Defected translator sheds new light on Iran's global reach
Iran has attempted to increase its military presence in the Horn of Africa and tried to initiate an "Islamic arms industry" as part of its bid to challenge Western hegemony, a defecting government translator told The Times of Israel in an interview.

Ahmad Hashemi, who worked as an English and Turkish translator at Iran's foreign ministry until his defection in June 2012, wrote in a Times of Israel blog post that Iran continues to insist on developing nuclear weapons capabilities, using deceptive tactics to mislead the world regarding the true nature of its nuclear program.

But over the past five years Hashemi also attended numerous meetings pertaining to Iran's international military involvement, the details of which he shared with The Times of Israel on Monday in a phone interview from Turkey, where he fled as a political asylum seeker. The details he divulged could not be independently corroborated, but they did correspond with recent reports regarding Iran's oversees activities.
Posted by:tipper

#1  IMO iff Iran is intent on creating Shia-led, pan-Islamic OWG Caliphate par, superior or dominant to the anything in the Secular US-West, then it will indeed need Nukes no matter its rhetoric to the contrary.

"Mahanist" Iran = "Mahanist" China = will also need overseas MilBases.
Posted by: JosephMendiola   2013-01-29 22:32