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Africa North
Ancient Manuscripts in Timbuktu Damaged During Fighting
The Ahmed Baba Institute, an Islamic learning center in the town of Timbuktu in the West African nation of Mali, holds thousands of ancient drawings and writings from the Quran and everyday life in this point along a historic Saharan caravan route.

On Monday, Timbuktu's Mayor Ousmane Halle said from Mali's capital Bamako that he had gotten word Islamist fighters had torched the library as well as his office before retreating. The Malian army, backed by French forces, are working on driving back rebel forces from cities they had taken over last year.
Anyone surprised by this? Anyone? Bueller?
Posted by:Steve White

#3  Not just the Islamic stuff, but the texts dating back to the 13th century on everything from medicine to culture, with book's in language including Hebrew, burned. Two library locations. It was more Cultural Heritage of centuries lost.

They were previously buried around Timbuktu but were brought together to be digitally scanned and put into the Libraries, one old and one newer building built for the specific purpose of housing the manuscripts.

At least Afghanistan was just one Statue. This is... Well, Alexandria's library type stuff.
Posted by: Charles   2013-01-29 18:17  

#2  Headline is wrong. The arson was done BEFORE any fighting. Just the continuing Islamist attitude toward anything older than six years.
Posted by: tipover   2013-01-29 11:26  

#1  So will outrage boy be in the streets about this report of the desecration of his holy book or as long as other Muzzies do it, it's OK?
Posted by: Procopius2k   2013-01-29 11:06