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Spain: Mohamed the Knifeman Avoided Targeting North Africans on his Street Rampage
The nine members of the jury arrived at the most severe conclusion possible for Mohamed el Badoui: the knifeman of Sant Antoni tried to kill nine people in cold blood and behind their backs and did the same with Antonio Bonet. The decision means the accused faces a possible sentence of 84 years in prison, which is what the state prosecutor, Ruth González, has requested since the beginning of the trial and the private prosecutor, Ascensión Joaniquet.

None of the members of the jury accepted the principal contention of the defence: that El Badoui acted on 23 February 2011 under the influence of a mental disorder which led him to feel that the people he came across were attacking him and that eliminated his capacity for reason. In fact, only one of the jury members even accepted that mental illness should even be considered a mitigating factor. Faced with the contradictory explanations of the psychologists and psychiatrists who testified in the trial, the jury members placed more trust in the testimony of the various witnesses who indicated that El Badoui was aware of what he was doing at every moment and that he selected his victims in such a way that he avoided citizens of North African origin, which in no case did he make a move as if to attack.
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