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Tribesmen open fire on US drone in Miranshah
[Pak Daily Times] Tribesmen opened fire on a US drone in North Wazoo on Saturday where Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistain (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud was killed by a drone strike a day earlier, residents and officials said. Local residents told AFP that dozens of rustics and bully boyz had opened fire on a US drone which was flying low in the same area where the Taliban chief was killed. "Tribesmen and bully boyz were firing with light and heavy guns for an hour," Tariq Khan, a shopkeeper in Miranshah
... headquarters of al-Qaeda in Pakistain and likely location of Ayman al-Zawahiri. The Haqqani network has established a ministate in centered on the town with courts, tax offices and lots of madrassas...
told AFP. A security official in Miranshah confirmed the firing. The official and residents said Mehsud was buried late on Friday along with the four others killed. The usually busy Miranshah bazaar opened on Saturday but shoppers stayed at home. "Local people are scared. The death of Hakimullah Mehsud has created uncertainty. Everyone is talking about Taliban Dire Revenge™," Khan said.
Posted by:Fred

#2  How high are these drones flying? I can't imagine a dude with a rifle shooting something flying around at say 1/2 a mile up. That's only 2600+ feet which doesn't sound that high for the technology.
Posted by: AlanC   2013-11-03 10:05  

#1  The article doesn't say that they got the Drone. Apparently they wasted a lot of bullets. Well, perhaps they can look up and hear the buzzing tomorrow and try again. But they will just have to remember that what goes around does come around. And when it does... turban boy goes boom boom.
Have a nice day, Abdrool.

say your prayers PBUH.
Posted by: Spereting Tingle4064   2013-11-03 08:31