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3 'robbers' killed in Noakhali 'gunfight'
[Bangla Daily Star] Three alleged robbers, including the ringleader of a gang, were killed in a 'shootout' with police in Subarnachar upazila
Which is nowhere you'll ever find on a map...
of Noakhali early in the morning.
Ah, someone with a classic sense of crossfire timing...
Five police personnel were also injured in the incident, reports our Noakhali correspondent quoting Anisur Rahman, superintendent of police in the district.
"You better have that looked at, Sergeant Shafiq! A lost nail can get infected!"
The dear departed are: Kalu, the ringleader of notorious robbers' gang 'Kalu Bahini', and his two cohorts Ripon and Rubel.
They had the death sentence on twelve systems!
Acting on a tip-off,
"Cop shoppe! How may I help you?"
"Lissen, dis is Mahmoud da Weasel..."

law enforcers conducted a drive near Al Amin fish firm in the upazila around 12:15am to arrest the gang members, the police official said.
My old Mother used to say that nothing wholesome happens after midnight...
Spider senses tingling at the proximity of police, the criminals opened fire on law enforcers forcing them to fire back,
"You may [KERBLAMMO!] fire when [KERBLAMMO!] ready, men!"
triggering a shootout that left three robbers lifeless and wan colder than mackerel titzup dead on the spot.

During the shootout, five coppers and two other members of Kalu Bahini were also injured.
"Aaaiiieee! I am undone!"
"Shuddup! It's just a scratch, Mahmoud!"

At one stage, the gang members expeditiously departed at a goodly pace including the injured.
"Take me wit'choo, Islamul!"
Later, police recovered the bodies.
"There's one!"

Kalu was wanted in several cases, including murder, kidnap and extortion, said police sources.
... mopery, dopery, loitering with intent, posturing, third degree debauchery, destitution in a public place...
Police also recovered a light gun, five rounds of bullet, one rocket launcher and several sharp weapons from the scene.
Whoa! Bringing a rocket launcher to a gunfight! What's the charge on that one?
More important, where does Sergeant Choudhary store it in the lock-up?
Posted by:Fred