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Great White North
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologises for oral-sex remarks
[BBC.CO.UK] Troubled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has apologised for obscene comments he made on live TV while denying he made vulgar overtures to a female staff member.

The Canadian politician used what he called "unforgivable language" about oral sex, in remarks to news hounds.

He also threatened to take legal action against former employees who made claims about his drinking and drug use.

It is the latest scandal to engulf 44-year-old Mr Ford, who last week admitted smoking crack cocaine.

Police documents released on Wednesday quoted Ford associates as saying that the mayor had driven drunk, used racially abusive language, threatened staff, consorted with a woman suspected of being a hooker and made a sexual proposition to a female staff member.

'Particularly disappointing'
On Thursday morning, he told news hounds the allegations were "outright lies", although he conceded he might have driven after taking alcohol.

some people cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go...
news hounds were left gasping by his lewd outburst as he denied having once told a former female employee that he wanted to have oral sex.

The father of two young children said that he was "happily married" and crudely commented that he enjoyed enough oral sex at home.

Later on Thursday, Mr Ford was flanked by his wife, Renata, as he expressed regret for the "graphic" language, the latest in a string of apologies.
Posted by:Fred

#10  ... I suspect he shall soon be going on a diet...
Posted by: Uncle Phester   2013-11-15 12:48  

#9  Love it Beavis !
Posted by: Sputh Ghibelline1965   2013-11-15 11:51  

Posted by: Beavis   2013-11-15 11:42  

#7  Toronto city council trying to strip powers from Rob Ford
Embattled mayor refuses to resign
Posted by: Sputh Ghibelline1965   2013-11-15 11:36  

#6  Seeing him on TV, I need to wonder how somebody so obese can live through a crack high without blowing an artery.
Posted by: 3dc   2013-11-15 11:23  

#5  love the photo!
Posted by: 3dc   2013-11-15 11:21  

#4  Maybe the Dems want to bring him south and run him for Governor or Mayor or something...
Posted by: Bill Clinton   2013-11-15 11:12  

#3  It was Robert Ford, the dirty little coward
And I wonder how he feels
For he slept in Jesse's bed and he ate o' Jesse's bread
But he laid Jesse James in his grave
Posted by: Glenmore   2013-11-15 09:49  

#2  Mrs. Ford looked so proud in the pic.
Posted by: Fred   2013-11-15 09:30  

#1  Classy fellow that Rob Ford.
Posted by: Besoeker   2013-11-15 03:15