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Southeast Asia
Three injured in Narathiwat motorcycle bombing
[Bangkok Post] Two Thai policemen and a woman were wounded when a motorcycle bomb went off on a bridge in Narathiwat province on Saturday morning. The explosion went off as a team of 11 policemen aboard two motorcycles and a patrol vehicle drove across a bridge in Sungai Kolok district.

Police, soldiers and and forensic officials found pieces of the motorcycle used in the attack with Narathiwat licence plates and debris from the bomb scattered over the area. The bomb, stuffed in a 10-kilogram gas cylinder that had been halved, was detonated by a communication radio.

Pol Lt Prapas said his patrol team spotted the suspicious motorbike abandoned on the bridge when they arrived at the scene. They drove past it and later stopped to take a closer look. Suddenly, the bomb was detonated. The force of the blast wounded him, his fellow officer and the woman riding her bike.

Authorities said the licence plates on the motorcycle did not match with the engine registration number. A further police investigation found the bike was reported stolen in Tak Bai district last September and it carried fake license plates.

Authorities believe the attack was the work of southern insurgents seeking to target security officers.
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