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Parks supervisor made officers ‘offer up' wives for promotions: suit
[NYPost] State Parks police officers working under a Long Island boss allegedly had to "offer up" their wives to him to get promoted, according to a lawsuit.

Joseph S. Reyes, a high-ranking supervisor in the state Parks Long Island regional office, shagged one officer’s wife and told the underling he had an "inside track" on a better position, which he got, because of the affair, a worker claims in court papers.

"Another officer who was up for the same promotion was told he would have gotten it if he had offered his wife to Reyes," according to the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit.

The married Reyes, 56, was a rage-filled, steroid-using horndog, charges Laurie Beni, a civilian employee of the Parks Police who accuses Reyes of subjecting her to years of frightening harassment.

When allegations against Reyes surfaced, Parks Department bosses let Reyes retire early in June 2016 with full benefits, the attorney charged. Reyes raked in nearly a $132,000 in salary in 2015, according to SeeThroughNY.

"Basically he received no punishment," Dennis said.

Beni is suing Reyes, the state and the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for unspecified damages.
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