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Over 50 militants killed within minutes after being snagged by Russian airstrike trap in east Idlib
[ALMASDARNEWS] The Russian Aerospace Forces appear to be exacting Dire Revenge on jihadist bully boyz in Syria following the recent downing of one of their aircraft and death of its pilot by al-Qaeda affiliate group Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham

Very recently, an official source in the Tiger Forces Division announced that Russian warplanes ‐ with the help of Syrian Army forward air controllers ‐ had snagged Islamist bully boyz in a brutal double-ambush (delivered from above) at two towns in the eastern countryside of Idlib province.

The trap was sprung on al-Qaeda-linked fighters at the towns of Tal Touqan and Tal Sultan where several Russian warplanes, guided by Syrian Army spotters on the ground, pounced simultaneously.

According to the Tiger Forces statement on the Russian air raids, a total of 55 bully boyz were killed ‐ thirty at Tal Touqan in a single Arclight airstrike and the other 25 at Tal Sultan during several bombings.

At the present time Russian jets continue to target bully boy gatherings and positions in eastern Idlib.

Posted by:Fred