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Mother, daughter killed in 'accidental' hand grenade explosion in Panjgur
[DAWN] An 'accidental' hand grenade explosion in a home in Balochistan's Panjgur area on Sunday killed a woman and her daughter and injured her son, police sources said.
Sure. In our house grenades go off by accident all the time...
Makran Division Commissioner Bashir Bangulzai told DawnNews that the boy had found a hand grenade and taken it home.
"Whoa! What's this? A hand grenade! Kewl! I'm takin' this booger home!"
The grenade exploded while he was playing with it inside his house in the Tusp area of Panjgur, the commissioner said.
"Mahmoud, if you're going to play with that thing, take it outside!"
"Aw, Mom!"

The boy's mother and sister died in the blast, police said, while the injured boy was shifted to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.
"Another accidental grenade detonation, Doctor Casey!"
"That's the fourth one today!"

Police and Levies personnel arrived at the site of the incident shortly after the explosion took place.
"Is this the right house, Sergeant Shafiq?"
"It's the only one without a front wall, Chief!"

Commissioner Bangulzai said an investigation is underway to ascertain how the child got a hold of the grenade.
"C'mon, kid! Who give yez the grenade?"
"Nobody! I found it!"
"You found it?"
"Yeah. There wuz this trail of candy bars and I follered it, and there wuz this shiny red grenade!"
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